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 Amphenol Broadband Solutions
Amphenol Broadband Solutions

Amphenol Broadband Solutions (ABS) provides innovative technologies to the world’s Broadband Service Providers.   The company brings together the creative forces behind industry leaders including All Systems Broadband, Holland Electronics, Times Fiber, and Extreme Broadband Engineering to deliver forward-looking solutions across the entire spectrum of broadband network topologies – copper, fiber and satellite.
Utilizing state of the art engineering and manufacturing techniques, ABS increases the performance and reliability of broadband networks while delivering a personalized customer service and support experience to match.

Stories by Amphenol Broadband Solutions

April Showers…and Lightning Surges!

As the spring storm season unfolds, we are reminded of the possible effects on our networks. While lightning strikes are not the only source of surges that can damage customer premises equipment, they can be among the most unpredictable. Preparing a network for the possibility of surges, and protecting vital company and customer assets, is an important part of the network planning process.

Fiber Connectivity for Multi-Dwelling Units

MDUs present revenue opportunities for service providers that are willing to bring fiber into them. There are special considerations when deploying in these types of environments including space, safety, and fiber management and protection. Vendors that focus on these considerations, as well as others, can help a service provider maximize their return on investment in this targeted segment of their networks.