Sue Marek

Sue Marek

Sue joined FierceMarkets in January 2007 and is currently the editor-in-chief of FierceMarkets Telecom Group. In her current position, she oversees the editorial content of several FierceMarkets' newsletters and web sites including </em>FierceWireless, </em>FierceCable, </em>FierceTelecom, </em>FierceOnlineVideo, </em>FierceDeveloper, </em>FierceWireless:Europe and </em>FierceWireless:Tech, and provides editorial guidance for the publications’ advanced products and live events. Sue has more than 20 years of experience reporting on the telecom industry. Prior to joining FierceMarkets, she was the executive editor of Wireless Week. From 1999 to 2001, she worked as an analyst for Paul Kagan Associates, specializing in wireless and broadband technologies. She also was the managing editor of Convergence magazine, a monthly magazine for cable television, phone and wireless network operators. Sue is based in Denver and can be reached at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a&gt;. Follow <a href="">@FierceWireless</a&gt; on Twitter and find her on <a href="">LinkedIn</a>.</p&gt;

Stories by Sue Marek

Alaska's GCI won't carry AMC or Univision in 2016 because of fee hikes

Alaska cable operator General Communications Inc. (GCI) said it will not carry AMC Networks or Univision in 2016 because of &quot;substantial&quot; hikes in carriage fees for the two networks. The company also is offering its TiVo customers a $50 Visa gift card to encourage them to find AMC content via other alternatives such a VUDU and Netflix.

CWA opposes Altice's Cablevision deal, says it will downsize and outsource

The Communications Workers of America, which represents 300 Cablevision employees, has filed an official objection with the FCC to Altice&#39;s planned $17.7 billion acquisition of Cablevision citing concerns that the company&#39;s sizable debt from the deal will require it to downsize and outsource much of the work.

Seattle to Comcast: We want a sweeter franchise deal

The Seattle City Council was poised to renew a 10-year franchise deal with Comcast Mondaybut after getting wind of what the cable giant was offering Philadelphia, city officials are delaying their vote and pressing the company for a better deal.

Cable pioneer Carl Williams dies at age 87

Carl Williams, an influential cable pioneer and the founder of TelEvents, died Nov. 27 at age 87. A Korean War veteran, Williams played a key role in the formation of the cable industry by teaming with Bill Daniels in 1957 and creating TelEvents, which acquired many cable properties in the West.