Fox readies 6-second ads for broadcast television

The shorter ads will debut during this year's Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 13.

Fox Networks Group is launching what it says are the first-ever six-second ads on broadcast television during the Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 13 on Fox.

Duracell and Mars are among the first advertisers signing on for the new video format, which will show up during the live broadcast as well as in on-demand streams.

Fox is using the six-second ad format developed by YouTube and using it for shorter ad pods within the telecast and also six-second promos for Fox programming. The company said it’s testing the format to gather insights into its role within a broader marketing mix that also includes traditional spots. The company also plans to reduce the overall number of commercial breaks in the telecast “as part of a push to improve the viewer experience across all platforms and bring better attention and focus to brand messaging.”

“We’re excited to work with Duracell and other brands to boost the impact and awareness of their campaigns through a truly innovative mix of ad formats on Fox. While brands have been experimenting with 140 characters for quite some time, now we are introducing a way to do so with the sound, motion and full-screen experience of broadcast television,” said Suzanne Sullivan, executive vice president of entertainment sales at Fox Networks Group, in a statement.

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"In a world where consumers are becoming more accustomed to shorter-form brand messages, we're excited to explore the impact of six-second ads on TV with our partners at Fox Networks. At Duracell, we are always looking at innovative ways to tell our story of trust, and drive value in our media investments. We believe our 'power packed' six-second ads could play a bigger role in our creative asset mix in the near future,” said Ramon Velutini, vice president of marketing at Duracell, in a statement.

Fox's official rollout of six-second ads comes about one month after the network was reported to be testing the new format.