NBC Sports will keep doing 'down and dirty' social TV content if that's what works


NBC Sports won’t necessarily be pumping a lot of production dollars into content it broadcasts on social media.

According to Lyndsay Signor, senior director of Consumer Engagement for NBC Sports Group, content NBC Sports pushes out to social media channels can be “down and dirty” or highly produced as long as viewers want to consume it.

“At the end of the day, it’s just got to work. If a down-and-dirty version continues to work over, and over, and over again, then we’re going to keep doing that and I think, being based in a television company, that took some educating to the television team. They would never in a million years – and rightfully so – put some of the stuff that we put out on social on TV. It’s not how people want to view television. But when you have the data to back it up and show 100,000 people watched this video that I shot on my phone, it’s hard to argue that,” said Signor during the SVG Summit last week.

Signor clarified though that regardless of the production quality of social media content put out by NBC Sports, it’s important for the network to go back and analyze the data around anything posted.

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Signor’s comments align with details Ron Lamprecht, executive vice president of Business Development and Digital Distribution for NBCUniversal, shared earlier this month at the TV of Tomorrow conference regarding NBC’s approach to using Snapchat.

“For now, there’s a huge opportunity in learning about programming for the platform,” Lamprecht said.

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NBC has been focused on creating on Snapchat both additional content for events like the Summer Olympics and show format content on Snapchat. NBC had BuzzFeed help it create for the 2016 Summer Olympics, while the show format for NBC includes its five-week run of a Voice spinoff and The Rundown, a weekly series that runs for 48 hours straight.