News-Press & Gazette slams DirecTV for not negotiating in retrans fight

News Press & Gazette set up a web page detailing the status of its retransmission negotiations with DirecTV in January 2017.
Image: NPG

The retrans impasse between News-Press & Gazette and DirecTV continues as the broadcaster is now accusing the provider of refusing to negotiate.

In an update on its website over the weekend, NPG said communications between it and DirecTV have broken down.

“DirecTV has refused to respond to the financial offer we submitted even before the disruption began on Thursday,” the company wrote. “Our negotiators remain ready and willing to continue to negotiate to end the current service disruption. DirecTV’s delay tactics are preventing you from getting your station back on their system.”

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NPG continued, “While we remain committed to striking a fair deal as soon as possible, we cannot predict when your station will be returned to the DirecTV service. In the meantime, remember that our stations remain available on all other satellite and cable providers available in your area and for free over the air with an appropriate antenna.”

NPG’s dustup with DirecTV comes after the provider just recently sorted out another retransmission impasse with Hearst Television that affected 33 network affiliates.

A total of 18 NPG stations are off the satellite TV service amid the current dispute.

The companies agreed on an extension last week, but since then the negotiations have stalled. For DirecTV’s part, the provider is claiming that NPG’s new fee demands are not reasonable.

"We want to keep [the stations] in your lineup, but the owner, News-Press & Gazette, is threatening to block (them) from reaching your home unless they receive a significant increase in fees," DirecTV said in a statement.