Nielsen launching new audience metrics for targeted ad buying

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Nielsen is teaming with ad tech firm Clypd to begin offering viewership group metrics that will allow marketers to more easily target their ads, similar to what can be done through digital platforms.

According to Variety, Nielsen intends to supplement its traditional ratings with “audience buying” to give marketers more real-time targeting for specific consumers groups rather than age- and gender-based demographics.

Through the Clypd team up, Nielsen says marketers will be able to media plans and outline segments of the audience.

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Of course, increasing the ability to target TV ads is an industry-wide goal. Broadcasters are currently seeing ATSC 3.0 next-gen TV standards through an FCC rulemaking process, partly in hopes that the new technology will open up streams of customer data that will allow broadcasters to offer up better defined audience metrics.

Meanwhile, Fox Networks Group, Turner and Viacom earlier this year partnered to create OpenAP, a cross-audience platform that will combine their different data sets to give marketers a more complete picture of audiences.

The plans to expand audience metrics from Nielsen comes shortly after Gracenote, a metadata firm purchased earlier this year by Nielsen, revealed plans to team with Connekt and Ensequence on adding more interactive elements to linear TV advertisements.

"Opportunities to enhance TV advertising with interactivity are limitless," said Kelly Abcarian, senior vice president of Product Leadership for Nielsen, in a statement. "The beauty of Gracenote's Video ACR technology is that it can recognize any live, on-demand or pre-recorded content and advertising that appears on the TV, and trigger interactive overlays that harness the full potential of connected televisions. The partnerships with Connekt and Ensequence will help consumer brands, major networks and content producers realize the value of real-time content recognition to engage users and drive greater ROI for their linear TV campaigns."