Nielsen Catalina’s new tool measures ad reach across TV and Facebook

User data reporting. Image: Pixabay

Nielsen Catalina Solutions has a new tool for measuring sales effectiveness and unduplicated reach for consumer packaged goods advertising across television, desktop and mobile publishers.

NCS says that Facebook is the first publisher lined up for the cross-media sales measurement solution and that means that advertisers will be able to measure the return on ad spend of campaigns that include both Facebook and TV.

In addition to the new solution, Nielsen said that, in order to better understand how Facebook and TV advertising work together to drive sales, NCS conducted a study of CPG brands.

"Advertisers consistently ask us for better, cross-channel sales effect measurement,” said Leslie Wood, chief research officer at Nielsen Catalina Solutions, in a statement. "To reach this common goal, it will take more than the efforts of individual media companies. It will take the entire industry, collaborating together and with independent, trusted third parties. We're excited to be working with Facebook towards achieving this goal."

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“CPG advertisers want to know how their Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network campaigns are performing in combination with their other advertising, including TV. NCS’s latest cross-media addition to their Sales Effect suite provides those insights," said Fred Leach, director of Marketing Science, in a statement. "Advertisers already know that Facebook and TV advertising work well together to drive sales -- the research from Nielsen Catalina Solutions quantifies that.”

NCS’s new solution announcement comes after yesterday CBS shared some results from research it conducted alongside NCS.

CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack shared new data indicating that millennials will soon start watching more broadcast television.

According to Adweek, CBS’ data shows the age range for millennials is now 22-40, outside of the typical 18-34 demographic, and that the average age of a millennial today is 30. He said that broadcast TV viewing will increase each year for that demo, as will average economic value.

CBS’ new research also showed that ads placed during sitcoms provided the best ROI, followed by variety shows. The results were part of a study in which CBS’ Campaign Performance Audit looked at how six different consumer packaged goods’ ads performed across different genres of television.