Redesigned AirTV will integrate OTA channels, Netflix, Sling TV in single UI

Image: TV)

Sling TV’s long-in-the-works AirTV appears to have received a redesign and secured Netflix integration for its user interface.

Spotted by Zatz Not Funny, a landing page for the device shows what appears to be a smaller version of the previous AirTV that now features a blue and white design and a remote with voice support and dedicated buttons for Netflix and Google.

“With the AirTV Player, cut the cord and keep the TV experience. You’ll have a single platform for watching Sling TV, Netflix, local channels, and more. Plus, one easy-to-use remote with voice support for your AirTV Player, local OTA channels, and sound system,” the page reads.

While the previous AirTV appeared to be offered for $150 on preorder, pricing for the redesigned AirTV is not clear, though Sling TV does mention that an “AirTV adaptor” and OTA antenna are required for watching local broadcast channels.

A Sling TV representative did not immediately respond to FierceBroadcasting’s request for comment on the redesign as well as an update on pricing and launch date.

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When the AirTV first surfaced in reports earlier this year, the device was designed to integrate the OTA signals within the Sling TV app for Android, iOS, Fire TV and Roku devices. But according to the FAQ section on Sling TV’s site, the AirTV device does not require a Sling TV subscription in order to receive OTA channels.

The AirTV product will repurpose Slingbox software to grab OTA signals from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates and stream the content with the Sling TV app.

Of course, AirTV’s functionality seems dangerously close to that of Aereo, the web-based TV service that distributed broadcast signals via the internet. The Supreme Court struck down Aereo in its attempts to stream broadcast nets, but AirTV seems to be safe since its users rely on their own broadcast antenna.