Roku offering audience guarantees to TV advertisers

Roku says that ad-supported viewing is the fastest-growing segment on its platform.

Roku is now offering audience guarantees for TV advertisers.

The streaming device company is comparing its demographic metrics to those available for linear TV with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR).

“Consumers are migrating their TV viewing to OTT platforms like Roku, making them increasingly difficult to reach through traditional TV advertising,” said Scott Rosenberg, senior vice president of advertising at Roku, in a statement. “As TV buyers follow this migration, they need a common currency to plan their investment mix across linear and OTT. With our industry-leading advertising platform, we are uniquely positioned to enable demographic guarantees.”

The new audience guarantees come after Nielsen and Roku established a strategic partnership in 2015 to integrate Nielsen’s DAR solution directly into Roku’s integrated universal ad SDK.

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“Roku is pushing the industry forward to adopt verification standards for media buying,” said Britney Greenhouse, director of video and digital investment at Horizon Media, in a statement. “We have been working together with Roku to pilot the audience guaranteed product. We’ve seen positive match rates with Nielsen which are a good sign.”

Roku says that ad-supported viewing is the fastest-growing segment on its platform and that it accounts for half of the top 250 most-watched channels.

The TV-like audience guarantees for OTT viewing on Roku platforms is the latest move for Roku in addressing the continued shift in consumer video viewing to OTT services.

Earlier this year, Roku and MAGNA signed strategic partnership focused on targeted advertising for OTT audiences.

“By integrating advanced ad technologies directly into our TV operating system, Roku is able to offer advertisers the most advanced ad capabilities in OTT,” said Rosenberg in a statement. “This partnership accelerates our work with IPG Mediabrands, and opens the door to close collaboration on new ad products in 2017.”