Showtime OTT hits 1.5M subs, CBS All Access not far behind

CBS All Access could see a subscriber boost later this year when its exclusive series 'Star Trek: Discovery' debuts. (CBS)

Showtime’s OTT service has reached 1.5 million subscribers, and CBS All Access is reportedly closing in on the same total.

The numbers come from CBS CEO Les Moonves, who reportedly divulged the information Monday at an event at UCLA that was closed to the press, according to Variety.

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CBS did not immediately respond to FierceBroadcasting’s request for confirmation of the subscriber totals. CBS is scheduled to report its latest quarterly earnings on Wednesday and could reveal information about its OTT subscriber numbers then.

If the numbers are accurate, it would place both Showtime OTT and All Access on fairly strong growth trajectories since July 2016 when Moonves, during CBS’ second-quarter earnings call, revealed that both services had reached the 1-million-subscriber mark.

The progress would also put CBS closer toward its goal of attracting 8 million subscribers in all for its two OTT services.

"As you recall, we set a goal of 8 million subscribers between All Access and Showtime OTT by 2020, representing $800 million in new revenue," Moonves said in July. "With more than 2 million subs between them already, we are confident that this will be easily achieved."

CBS is anticipating more growth for both services on the horizon as All Access is prepping a high-profile launch for exclusive series “Star Trek: Discovery” and Showtime is doing the same for its “Twin Peaks” revival, which will air on both Showtime’s linear and OTT channels.

Moonves said CBS is considering packaging the services together.

“As we head into the spring and have 'Star Trek' and 'Twin Peaks' coming out on those competing platforms, how great will it be looking forward to be able to market them together at a slight discount if you buy them both, but that's part of our intent,” Moonves said, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript.

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Of course, even at 1.5 million subscribers, Showtime and All Access are still trailing HBO Now, HBO’s direct-to-consumer service that Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said last week has passed 2 million subscribers.

“We’re also really pleased with the growth of HBO’s domestic OTT product, and we expanded HBO’s international OTT footprint with launches in Spain, Brazil and Argentina in 2016,” said Bewkes in a statement.

In 2016, HBO launched OTT products on Microsoft’s Xbox platforms, new Samsung smart TVs, Sony’s PlayStation platforms and Amazon Prime Channels, in addition to its international expansion, according to a news release.