Simulmedia, Oracle Data Cloud partnership aims to bring data-driven ad targeting to linear TV networks

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Simulmedia claimed that advertisers will receive an average of between 30% and 100% higher ROI for every campaign.

Targeted TV ad company Simulmedia is partnering with Oracle Data Cloud, a data service company, to target advertisements to consumers based on their in-store purchases.

Data-driven advertising is picking up in the linear TV world as cable companies look to cash in on the big data trends that digital platforms base their decisions on already. The data that Oracle Data Cloud is providing via Simulmedia is worth more than $3 trillion in household-level purchase data, according to the announcement. Simulmedia’s “VAMOS” platform creates data-driven audiences, predicts viewership of the audiences, builds optimized performance-based media plans and reports on media delivery and outcomes.

“Bringing Oracle Data Cloud’s purchase-based audiences to national television is a defining moment in the transformation of TV to a data-driven, audience targeted business,” said Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of Simulmedia, in a statement. “By using Simulmedia’s VAMOS platform to precision target Oracle audiences on national TV, brands can align their audience strategies across TV and digital and improve the overall ROI of their advertising spend.”  

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Joe Kyriakoza, vice president-general manager for automotive and TV for Oracle Data Cloud, told MediaPost Thursday that this is the first announced partnership in the TV space—though for years the company has already been targeting ads this way in digital.

Simulmedia claimed that advertisers will receive an average of between 30% and 100% higher ROI for every campaign. Oracle Data Cloud’s audience numbers quantifying offline transactions are aggregated through data from Oracle’s relationship with Visa Advertising Solutions and DLX Auto audiences, powered by Polk from IHS Markit. Marketers will also be able to deliver ad campaigns to syndicated and custom audience segments from Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace, as well as onboard their custom CRM and other first-party data.

“Targeting households based on their prior purchasing regularly improves the efficiency of digital campaigns by over 80 percent relative to demographic targeting,” said Eric Roza, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Data Cloud, in the statement.

Roza also said that 97 of the top 100 US advertisers already use Oracle data for their digital campaigns.

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Simulmedia's Performance TV platform provides guaranteed gross ratings points as well as information about when they will be delivered, along with optimized targeting and reach.

AMC Networks also recently launched a new targeted advertising product to give buyers a better data-driven view of their ad spending. AMC’s product compiles Nielsen data and information from clients to better target ads across AMC’s networks and across TV as a whole. Fox, Turner and Viacom unveiled OpenAP, a new cross-audience platform for selling targeted TV advertising, last week. The platform, using Nielsen data and run by neutral third-party auditor Accenture, is aimed at using audience targeting and independent measurement to help adoption catch up to demand for targeted ads.