Sony, NetGear, others form alliance to push video over Ethernet standards

TV cameras at IBC TV studios (Sam Bookman, FierceOnlineVideo)

The SDVoE (Software Defined Video Over Ethernet) Alliance has formed to push standards for professional AV environments using IP networks.

AptoVision, Aquantia, Christie Digital, NETGEAR, Sony and ZeeVee have all stepped out as alliance members and in support of SDVoE technology intended for software-defined AV applications.

According to the alliance, SDVoE technology offers an end-to-end hardware and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and control through chipset technology, common control APIs and interoperability. SDVoE networks can be built with off-the-shelf Ethernet switches, which could be cheaper and more flexible than point-to-point extension and circuit-based AV matrix switching.

“For years we have lived with the idea that ‘AV/IT convergence is coming’,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance, in a statement. “The SDVoE Alliance and its technology finally provide the platform that is necessary to enable it. Using 10 Gb Ethernet hardware to move video with flawless quality and zero latency is only the beginning. The creation of a software platform enables the development of whole new classes of applications not yet conceived. True convergence is finally here.”

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The alliance states its specific goals as standardizing adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments; offering end users increased flexibility, with applications more tailored to their particular needs, and the opportunity to reduce both capital and operating expenses; and enabling more cost-effective architectures for AV signal distribution using Ethernet switches.

In addition, the alliance hopes to provide a reliable and more versatile alternative to point-to-point extension and circuit switches and facilitate AV/IT convergence such that high-quality AV networks and data networks can simultaneously share a single infrastructure platform.

The group is looking to recruit ecosystem partners including AV equipment manufacturers, AV software developers, switch manufacturers, chipset designers, technology providers and system integrators.