Starz more than doubles OTT content, pushes past 1M subscribers

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Starz said it has “significantly invested” in its app and OTT programming over the past 14 months, and grown its OTT content library by 125% to 5,500 titles.

Starz is taking steps to ramp up its OTT and on-demand content library as the premium network’s OTT subscriber base pushes past 1 million.

Starz said it has “significantly invested” in its app and OTT programming over the past 14 months and grown its OTT and on-demand content library by 125% to 5,500 titles.

“Much of the content increase from 2,400 has been accomplished with the acquisition of strategically complementary programming that reinforces the STARZ value proposition,” the company said in a statement. A lot of the content Starz is focusing on is Spanish-language and kids programming.

Starz has added “Bob the Builder,” “Thomas and Friends,” and others as the company said that kids programming has grown tenfold to date since the app launch with nearly 1,250 television series episodes and movies.

In addition, Starz has added nearly 300 Spanish-language movies and telenovela episodes, including “El Cartel de los Sapos” and “La Promesa,” both from Colombia.

“Starz continues to invest in programming for STARZ subscribers to continue to reinforce the best value proposition in the marketplace today,” said Jeffrey Hirsch, chief operating officer at Starz, in a statement. “With both streaming and download viewing options, the STARZ app offers flexibility and is a tremendous value for all ages and audiences that enjoy premium, commercial-free viewing.”

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Starz’s OTT subscriber totals include subscribers to its direct-to-consumer product, its Amazon channel and other OTT efforts. In October last year, Starz was already approaching 1 million OTT subscribers.

“The third season of ‘Power’ established a Starz record for viewership, surpassing 7.3 million multiplatform viewers per episode, and helping nearly drive OTT subscriptions close to the 1 million mark,” said Starz CEO Chris Albrecht in a statement. “The strong performance of our Amazon and Starz app initiatives complements the Starz Networks business with core distributors.”