UNLTD’s ‘Trinity’ will be an interactive virtual reality TV show

UNLTD used a proprietary camera to film the interactive "Trinity." Image: UNLTD

Virtual reality studio UNLTD today announced at South by Southwest its upcoming interactive VR TV series, “Trinity.”

The series will run for five 15-minute episodes and will be compatible for viewing on all virtual reality headsets.

John Hamilton, UNLTD CEO and “Trinity” producer/writer, participated in a panel discussion put on by Planet Quebec at SXSW today discussing the unique challenges of filming for virtual reality. Hamilton focused on the creative and technical challenges, such as 360 scripting, high-end visual effects, utilizing interactive engines and developing proprietary VR camera rigs.

“To produce 'Trinity,' UNLTD developed a proprietary camera in order to capture and create a truly interactive entertainment experience,” said John Hamilton, UNLTD CEO and “Trinity” producer, in a statement. “Using volumetric, 360 and live-action technologies, we are able to allow viewers to move around within an episode of 'Trinity' in a way that hasn’t been seen before in virtual reality.”

“Trinity” tells a story of a future where humans are extinct and androids battle against an “all powerful singularity, their God.” The series is currently in production and the pilot will be released to select partners by fall of 2017.

“Working on a project like 'Trinity' is a unique directing experience from my previous projects due to the nuances involved in shooting for virtual reality,” said Patrick Boivin, director of “Trinity,” in a statement. “The trailer showcases the intimate and involved feeling created when entertainment meets virtual reality.”

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The interactive component of UNLTD’s new VR series is notable because a lot of immersive 360-degree and VR content still lacks the ability for viewers to control options like the position of the camera.