Viacom launching VOD apps in U.S. for its core networks

Viacom_CREDIT_André-Pierre du Plessis-Flickr
Viacom is in the process of transitioning its global network of websites into a single web framework. (André-Pierre du Plessis/Flickr)

Viacom is expanding its international Play Plex apps, which offer programming from its core networks, to the U.S. and other markets.

The suite of apps, which are run by Viacom International Media Networks, includes Nickelodeon Play, Nick Jr. Play, MTV Play and Comedy Central Play.

The announcement comes as part of the concurrent news that Viacom is launching a Global Product Development Group that will be head up by Dan Reich, senior vice president of Global Multiplatform Products at Viacom.  The group will be pursuing a “unified strategy for developing digital applications and websites” for Viacom’s networks including BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount Network, VH1, TV Land, CMT and Logo. Interestingly, Viacom didn’t mention Nickelodeon or Nick Jr., two of its most successful networks, as being part of the new group’s focus.

The development group is currently in the process of transitioning Viacom’s worldwide websites to a single web framework, which will ultimately help to deliver tailored content to audiences based on their geographic location, according to a news release.

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“The formation of the Global Product Development Group signals a significant evolution in the way Viacom develops multiplatform products, and no one is better suited to spearhead this critical endeavor than Dan. In line with our new corporate strategy, adopting a single global approach will help us to amplify the digital presence of our brands and create more robust, innovative and scalable digital touchpoints for our audiences,” said Jason Jordan, executive vice president of Viacom Multiplatform Strategy & Operations, in a statement.

Last year, Viacom announced new distribution deals with Virgin Media and Singtel for its Play apps. As of October 2016, VIMN had made deals with 20 pay-TV providers internationally since launching its first Play app in the fourth quarter of last year. Viacom’s Play apps totaled up more than 15 million downloads in more than 40 countries since then. The programmer said that more than 30 million long-form episode streams are viewed each month.