Why we're launching a new daily publication, FierceBroadcasting

Sony demonstrates a broadcast/multiscreen mixing setup at IBC 2016. Image: FierceOnlineVideo(FierceOnlineVideo / Sam Bookman)
Mike Dano

Howdy! And welcome to our newest publication, FierceBroadcasting!

We’re launching FierceBroadcasting now because there’s a significant amount of upheaval going on in the media and entertainment industry. The ways that content is created and distributed seem to be changing on a daily basis, and business models and technologies that have stood for decades are headed toward dramatic transformations.

As a result, companies like Viacom, CBS, Turner and other content producers, programmers and broadcasters are going to have to figure out how to deal with new challenges like live streaming, dynamic ad insertion and even virtual reality – all while maintaining their existing businesses and relationships. It’s definitely going to be messy and complex, and it’s definitely going to be interesting to watch. After all, AT&T's proposed purchase of Time Warner is just the latest, loudest example of this upheaval. 

Each day in FierceBroadcasting, we’re hoping to shed some light on this space and, most importantly, give executives in this industry a clearer understanding of what is going on and where things are headed next (probably Viacom + CBS at this point). We’ll focus mainly on the on the business and technology issues facing programmers, broadcasters and content companies as they work to create and distribute their content -- think of it as Variety Tech.

Leading the charge at FierceBroadcasting is editor Ben Munson. Ben hails from Wireless Week, where he reported on the growth of the wireless industry, and CED, where he covered the changes in the cable industry. For the past year or so, Ben has been editing FierceCable and other Fierce publications. I have no doubt Ben will maintain a firm, informed and balanced editorial grip on FierceBroadcasting. You can email Ben or follow him on Twitter.

FierceBroadcasting is the ninth publication in Questex Media Group’s Telecom Group. It joins other high-profile publications including FierceWireless, FierceCable, FierceTelecom and FierceOnlineVideo. Together these publications receive more than a million page views per month. I oversee these publications alongside Publisher Kevin Gray.

I encourage you to sign up for the daily FierceBroadcasting email newsletter now. You can also follow FierceBroadcasting on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. And definitely let me know what you think! –Mike | @mikeddano