You.i TV to shorten launch time for multiscreen video apps

FilmStruck will feature classic movie collections including several Akira Kurosawa films. Image: FilmStruck
Products like Turner's FilmStruck have been built using You.i's platform.

You.i TV today announced Engine One, its out-of-the-box solution that it says will shorten the development time for VOD and TV Everywhere services and applications.

“We’ve been on mission to make great design and superior tech truly accessible from the start,” said Jason Flick, CEO for You.i TV, in a statement. “You.i Engine One puts the boots to the unnecessary complexity around video apps today. Ultimately, freeing content owners to focus on the user experience makes good business sense.”

You.i Engine One comes pre-integrated with online video platform (OVP) backends and uses Adobe After Effects to quickly customize features and functions including core views, animation, navigation, search, content filtering, settings, favorites list, ratings, recommendations and deep links.

At last week’s TV of Tomorrow Conference in New York City, Flick demonstrated for FierceBroadcasting how quickly After Effects can be used to alter UI elements and then how quickly those changes can be pushed out to a live product using the platform.

Addition functionality baked into the new offering includes closed captioning, state base play, casting, and airplay across popular platform players such as AV Player, EXO Player, castLabs and UWP Player.

Engine One includes cross platform support for iOS, Android, tvOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox and Microsoft UWP.

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You.i TV’s platform has already been put to use by programmers like Turner, who invested in the company in an effort to secure a single app platform and code base for the multiple app and products launched between in various brands.

Turner CTO Jeremy Legg told FierceBroadcasting that You.i’s technology was used for the company’s recently launched direct-to-consumer offering FilmStruck.

As Flick pointed out, the finished product for FilmStruck was essentially unchanged from the design ideas first submitted by Turner because of You.i’s platform being built to address design and tech equally without having to sacrifice either.