180Squared Launches Mediaroom Interface

A team of former Microsoft Mediaroom engineers now known as 180Squared has announced the availability of 180Squared Framework, an encapsulation interface into Mediaroom middleware for existing billing/operational support system (B/OSS) applications and emerging third-party software. The company is leveraging expertise developed at Microsoft to now help carriers maximize the profitability of their Mediaroom service.

Key benefits of the 180Squared Framework include a standard interface for 180Squared and third-party application development, monitoring the health and traffic flow of Mediaroom services and applications to ensure proper load balancing and prevent service degradation, and reduction in capital expenses and operational costs for implementing Mediaroom.

180Squared cites a big market for their product, with global IPTV subscriber rates expected to reach over 72 million in 2011, while Bill Gates predicated Mediaroom would reach 1 million global subscribers in the first quarter of 2008 as service providers turn up two new Microsoft Mediaroom customer households every minute. 180Squared intends to cash in on this market by helping carriers with IPTV planning and design, customization, integration and their fancy new software.

For more:
- Find the original press release here.
- Play the "Top 4 Reasons for the 180Squared Framework" YouTube video here.

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