2010 in review: the year that brought us net neutrality, FierceCable

If nothing else, 2010 was another eventful year for the cable TV industry from a technology, customer and regulatory standpoint. Best of all, it saw the premiere of FierceCable.

During the year, the industry continued its trend of innovating at a pace that's generally faster than the competition but slower than many impatient consumers want. That, as usual, led to conjecture that cable was finished, that over-the-top was the way to go and that everyone should just cut that cable cord and be ready for a future filled with the wonder of Internet-based content.

Of course, as 2010 indicated and 2011 will no doubt prove, nothing could be further from the truth. While basic cable TV subscribers did scatter faster than roaches in a room when the lights turn on, they weren't necessarily fleeing to alternative media--just alternative traditional media, if that makes sense, delivered by now-traditional competition from cable and telco service providers.

Throughout the year, the fledgling FierceCable attempted to provide a daily look at the big trends and an ongoing deeper look at what those trends me and how they're affecting the overall cable industry-ranging from the impact of set-top boxes to the potential for the smart grid. So, here's a year-end look at 10 stories in 2010 that captured the imagination of the FierceCable editor and, hopefully, FierceCable readers. If you missed them the first time around (shame on you), here's a chance to see what was worth a glimmer of spotlight in 2010. If you're new to the publication, here's a sample of what happened in 2010 and the sort of things you'll see us studying in 2011.

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