30-second TV ads not good enough

Throwing your 30 second TV commercial onto the web is not enough, says interactive web advertiser Tom Walker. Walker has recently started at interactive video house, Firstborn, and told Advertising Age the days of simply taking 30 second advertisements designed for TV and slapping them up on the web are over.

"It's an enormous mistake when a marketer just takes a 30-second spot and throws it on the web," said Walker. "A 30-second spot has been crafted for TV, and a web experience is very different. Even if [consumers] are going on the web to watch "Lost," the experience is different. Video is an incredibly valuable tool on the web, it has to be created and produced in a manner relevant to what's happening on the web. [It has to be] edited in a way that feels natural and not interruptive, that helps boost the experience and add to it."

The online video ad industry is only just emerging as a key part of the Internet video industry and, while much of the content coming down IP pipes is traditional linear TV, the success of YouTube as a marketing channel suggests marketeers are going to increasingly dedicate much larger budgets to purpose-built interactive video advertising.

Advertising is set to be a critical component of the online video market with some analysts at the recent CES predicting the download market is going to move to a free ad supported model, rather than the paid download model now being experimented with. 

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