31 companies support LightSquared's 4G/LTE initiative

Thirty-one companies across a wide range of the wireless/wireline telecommunications space--albeit none from the cable industry--have sent an open letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski supporting LightSquared's 4G/LTE initiative.

LightSquared was background buzz when the wireless subject was broached at The Cable Show in Chicago this week, because it could be the wholesale option the industry needs to move forward with a next-generation wireless play. Of late, though, LightSquared has been under fire for its tendency to interfere with GPS.

It's a conundrum, the letter writers said, because "GPS is a very important national asset; it has dramatically improved the lives of millions of Americans with significant military and civilian applications (but) nationwide wireless broadband is also an essential and critical initiative."

The solution? The FCC should "create an environment where LightSquared and GPS can co-exist," the letter writers concluded.

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