The 3D conundrum: how to fuel consumer interest

3D TV is missing something: consumers. Sets are being built and technology prepared, but consumers remain wary about running to the nearest Best Buy because of three big issues--standards, content and those damned 3D glasses--according to a research report by iSuppli.

There are also health issues to be addressed, the research company notes, including the recently confirmed phenomenon "vergence-accommodation conflict" that can lead to fatigue, eye strain and headache as a viewer's eyes try to adjust and focus.

Meanwhile, at the 3DTV2010 Event in New York, Mike Vitelli, Americas president of Best Buy and a man driven to sell more 3D TVs, laid major blame on the glasses and especially the incompatibility between different formats produced for different TVs. "The issue isn't having to wear the glasses--it's the glasses not working at your friend's home," he said.

One form of content--the oldest in the world--could be the shining light for 3D TV: porn. French porno producer Marc Dorcel (the Hugh Hefner of France) is working on a new project, "Kama-Sutra" which will be the "first 3D adult film made for modern stereoscopic TV." Unfortunately, viewers will still have to wear glasses, but who's going to be looking at the other viewers?

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