3D TV to get a slice of Masters Tournament

The Masters Tournament is one of the toughest tickets in sports. Unless you inherit a badge, there's very little chance to get on the sacred course in Augusta, Ga. to experience the hills, bumps and undulations that make the tournament the official start of spring for so many golfers. This year there's an alternative: 3D TV--if you have the right TV, the right cable system and the right glasses.

Sony, which made a splash about a decade ago with its HD coverage of the event, will support the dedicated 3D channel and on masters.com. Comcast will get a 3D production feed and package it for distribution to cable systems around the country and IBM's Web hosting facilities and Augusta National itself will get the packaged feed.

Golfers, used to wearing outrageous outfits, won't be too put out by the fact that they have to wear silly looking 3D TV glasses to make the course come alive. They also probably have deep enough pockets to go out and buy a 3D TV to watch two hours of live coverage every day starting April 7. Golf Magazine is calling this the "first major sporting event broadcast live in 3D" although there are some purists out there who no doubt will dispute that golf is a sporting event.

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