3D TV will take off by 2015: ABI Research

It may still be garnering snickers as the nerdy kid on the block, with its requirement for big uncomfortable glasses and higher price tag, but 3D TV will gain a stronger foothold on the market soon, says ABI Research, and within five years will ship 50 million units.

The firm points to factors that will boost and inhibit growth of 3D TV. Many television manufacturers already have 3D units in their product lineups, and 3D features are popular with the public right now. Some TV sports programming this summer, including the World Cup, offered 3D broadcasts of the action.

Holding the market back somewhat is the equipment--queue the bulky glasses comments again--the expense, and the fact that for all that 3D soccer and tennis were hyped this year, sports actually don't always translate well to 3D viewing.

What might be the magic elixir for 3D TV sales growth? Gaming. (Don't tell me you thought it was something else.) Gaming "makes a lot of sense" for 3D, ABI analysts say, with a large installed base of 3D-capable game consoles like the PS3 out there among the buying public.

ABI Research 3D TV shipments

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