3DTV set makers optimistic it's got a bright future

3DTV has a bright future despite the fact that many Americans (some estimates say two-thirds of homes) have only just bit the bullet and dumped tube TVs for flat screens, according to a New York Times story.

While 3DTV is only a tiny speck on the flat screen TV market wall, it's gaining strength and could account for half of all TVs sold by 2015. Using data from multiple research firms, the Times story concludes that there are multiple hurdles still to be crossed, including price and those silly glasses that viewers need to have the content jump out at them.

On top of those two issues, there's also the matter of safety. Some set makers--for publicity purposes or otherwise--have issued safety instructions surrounding watching 3DTV so "television markers have to convince consumers that 3D is safe and comfortable," the story said.

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