3G TV coming from North Jersey; Comcast maintains user privacy

> A self-proclaimed "geeky guy" from Allendale, N.J. is working feverishly to create third-generation TV, an "out-of-home medium" that he and his firm, Automated Media Services, hope will reach shoppers at the point of purchase in supermarket aisles and stores. First generation was broadcast television; second generation was cable; third generation will be "not television (but) an adjunct to the traditional billboard industry." Story.

> Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) doesn't sell user data it collects via its comcast.net website, the MSO has told the federal Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus. The MSO maintained that it clearly outlines its privacy practices and gives users "choice and control over when and how their personal information may be used." Story.

> These may not be the best of economic times for the American public, but the stock market seems to be revving up, and that would indicate it's not a bad time for Hulu to step forth with an IPO to raise between $200 million and $300 million before the end of the year, reports say. Story.

> FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has gotten some advice from his predecessors Kevin Martin, Michael Powell and Reed Hundt. Appearing on C-Span, the three basically told Genachowski to get on with it. "You have to make sure you move forward with what you thought was the right thing," Martin said. Story.

> In case you were worried, it doesn't seem likely that cable boxes provided by New Zealand cable TV operator Telstraclear will not be affected by 4G phones. Recent reports indicated this might be a problem in Europe but, based on reports from U.S. companies deploying cable-free LTE networks, Kiwis should be problem free. Story.

> Direct-to-home service is big for Indians who reside in the "Patil Estate slum near the newly constructed bridge between Wakedewadi and Bombay Sappers," according to a story in Indian Express. Nearly 60 percent of the homes in the slum have DTH antennas. The DTH industry overall in India is growing at 20 percent per year, taking a big chunk out of their cable competition. Story.

And finally... Shake in your boots, cable operators. "The end of cable television is near," according to Ray Espinosa, president-CEO of Philippines satellite-based digital TV operator Cignal, who in a TechNews Philippines story equates the arrival of digital TV with the end of cable. Story.