3net starts studio to fill 3D content need

About 18 months after creating 24-hour 3D TV network 3net, joint venture partners Sony (NYSE: SNE), Discovery (Nasdaq: DISCA) and IMAX are extending the network's agenda further into content production and distribution with the formation of 3net Studios.

3net Studios is operating out of both the Sony Pictures headquarters in Los Angeles, and the Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. In addition to employing a team of creative personnel, the new studio also will pursue a new production strategy it calls "TotalD,"in which programming will be produced natively in 3D 4K, 2D 4K, 3D 2K and both 3D/2D HD formats, to ensure compatibility with both current and future entertainment platforms.

In announcing 3net Studios, the 3net partners acknowledged that while 3D is growing in popularity, not enough 3D content is being created to meet demand across multiple device platforms. Lack of 3D content was a major factor in DirecTV's decision last June to convert its own 24-hour 3D channel into a part-time 3D events channel. In addition to creating programming, 3net Studios is expected to quickly ramp up efforts to distribute programming to partners on a worldwide basis.

New 3net Studios projects are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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