4 signs the OTT market is splintering; RCN doubles its on-demand options

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> The OTT market is splintering. Here are four signs that show it. N Screen Media article

> RCN announced yesterday that it has doubled its on-demand options with its newly designed platform. Concurrent, SeaChange and RCN architected the new centrally managed system. CED Magazine article

> Fidelity has launched a new in-browser bill notification system for cable modem internet customers. Release

> TV Everywhere viewing is growing rapidly, with 107 percent year-over-year growth and 58 percent growth compared to the previous quarter, a recent Adobe study found. Broadcasting and Cable article

> Twitter said it wants to sell NFL ad spots for more than $50 million after it paid $10 million back in April for the right to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games this season. Recode article

> Comcast Xfinity has produced its first original series: A TV comedy about watching TV, exclusively available for its cable TV watchers. The Philadelphia Inquirer article

Telecom News

> Comcast Business has upped its competition against Verizon in Virginia with plans to invest more than $9 million over the next year to expand its fiber network. The expansion would allow it to reach over 3,000 businesses with Ethernet services. Article

> Google Fiber announced that it is acquiring San Francisco-based ISP Webpass in a deal to enhance its fiber expansion efforts. Article

Wireless Tech News

> As the FCC prepares to vote on millimeter wave spectrum proposals next month, Facebook has been urging it to take an approach that enables more spectrum sharing. Article

Wireless News

> Despite another sub-par quarter, BlackBerry said it will continue to manufacture phones for at least nine months. Article

> Huawei is developing its own mobile OS as a "contingency measure" in case Google's Android becomes too heavy-handed. The vendor is paying a former Apple designer to help create a new version of its handset interface. Article

And finally… Comcast incorrectly charged a customer $1,775 and refused to credit it back until he contacted the media 18 months later. Ars Technica article

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