76 groups urge FCC to move on set-top and broadband privacy proposals, zero-ratings investigation

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

A collection of 76 progressive groups, including organizations ranging from Public Knowledge to Daily Kos to Consumers Union, have written the FCC’s five commissioners, urging them to move on proposals to regulate leased pay-TV set-tops and broadband privacy.

The groups also asked the FCC to move forward with its informal investigation of zero-rating policies by ISPs. 

“Each of these issues has been discussed by policymakers for years, if not decades. Further delay would put internet users’ privacy in jeopardy and undermine longstanding efforts to make internet, cable and satellite services more affordable and open,” the groups collectively said.

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The broadband privacy proposal is scheduled for Commission vote, but there’s no indication when and if the five-member voting body will consider the set-top NPRM. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler pulled his plan to replace proprietary leased pay-TV set-tops with multi-screen apps designed to work with a large assortment of third-party devices from the Commission’s September voting docket at the last minute.

“Each day that passes without marking progress on these important issues is another day of missed opportunities. We thank you for your continuing commitment to protecting consumers and promoting free and open access to critical communications networks and technologies. We urge you to move forward without delay on these important issues,” the letter added. 

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Meanwhile, the group set up by the NCTA and pay-TV operators to oppose the set-top proposal, the so-called “Future of TV Coalition,” is set to have a press conference at 2 p.m. EST today to discuss “how the reported changes could impact the television ecosystem.” The discussion will be led by executives from Ovation and Vme TV.