A decade worth remembering?

Today at FierceIPTV, you'll be able to review my FierceIPTV Watch List for 2009, a list that incorporated quite a but of input from our readers. Having wrapped up that report, I'd like to get all of you started on another project. In December, I'll by running a year-end review and some predictions for the year ahead, but given that we are also closing in on the end of the decade, I'd also like to put together a decade-end review.

It's a big responsibility: taking a look across the entire decade--the first decade of IPTV and telco TV, you might say--and making a list of what was most memorable. That's why I need your help. I'm looking for the big news of the decade about TV service providers, information about the biggest, most influential innovations of the decade, and of course the flops--those things you wish you could forget.

My initial thought about this decade is that it has given birth to IPTV as the technological basis for an alternative TV service, but that we have moved way beyond technology as a differentiator. It started as something of a lark, and an expensive one at that, but telcos have successfully joined the mainstream of TV service providers.

So, what do you remember from the last decade of the IPTV and telco TV sector?