A review of Verizon FiOS TV

StreamingMedia's Dan Rayburn has a review up about his last year as a Verizon FiOS user. Here are some choice quotes: 

  • "A year ago, I signed up at $45 a month for 15MB down and 3MB up. About 6 months after it was installed, Verizon upgraded me to 20MB down and 5MB up - at no charge. Since when do phone companies give away anything for free?!?"
  • "If you ever need to call tech support, you get a special number that puts you directly in touch with the special FiOS department. I've called support 3-4 times over the year with various random questions, (not service outages) and every time I got someone who truly knows what they are doing."
  • "For any product or service to be truly adopted by the masses it needs to be easy to understand, cheap, easy to buy and have good support. So far, Verizon truly has all of this with it's FiOS service."

For more of Dan's thoughts:
- check out his blog post