A1 Telekom Austria picks Agama for end-to-end QoS, QoE monitoring of its IPTV service

A1 Telekom Austria has tapped Agama Technologies to help it expand its IPTV quality monitoring. The telco will use Agama's Embedded Monitoring Solution to cover the complete end-to-end service distribution, strengthening its strategic and proactive approach to systematically improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

A1 is extending its existing Agama installation with embedded set-top box monitoring for efficient last-mile and in-home service quality assurance. The telco said the ability to monitor from the headend site to the point of actual service consumption will give it a better picture of the distributed service quality throughout its deployment.

This will support real-time problem discovery and impact analysis, proactive and cost-effective customer support processes and enable methodical improvements of the overall service quality.

"Our customers have achieved remarkable results in their structured quality improvement processes," said Agama CEO Mikael Dahlgren. "In deployments, we have seen drastically lowered numbers of incoming calls to customer support, truck rolls and unnecessary STB swaps almost reduced to zero and actual measurable increases in customer satisfaction."

The extension of the Agama system will give A1 continuous monitoring of QoE, QoS, service usage and system health on all STBs. That, said the company, will enable it to identify and troubleshoot last-mile problems and efficiently delineate problems affecting specific customers from regional or system-wide problems.

Adding Agama's Performance Management tool gives the telco a strategic dimension to its quality assurance activities by providing advanced custom reports for benchmarking, trend analysis, usage statistics and much more.

Agama's DTV Monitoring Solution is a modular end-to-end assurance and monitoring solution for Linear TV, VoD and OTT service quality.

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