ABC goes live for Super Tuesday

If you can't get enough politics for today's Super Tuesday Primary race, try ABC's online coverage. ABC is taking the oh-so-brave move and is actually putting its coverage of the primaries online for the day. The press release breathlessly compared FDRs famous fireside radio chats and the first TV debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to today when ABC is "bringing political content to Americans in a never-before-explored format."

Not so sure about the never-before-explored format. Sadly, this morning the service was running news items about athletic moms, but the move to go live on the 'Net is again evidence of the inexorable shift of video to online. While for ABC it is a one-day-only service, as a general proposition it will be pre-recorded material which will go online sitting in servers waiting to be requested. in that scenario, TV will do what it does best and cover live events--be it Sunday's audience-record-breaking Super Bowl XLII, or today's intriguing primaries. The service is being delivered by Move Networks and to get to the ABCNow service try this link.

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