ABI: Carriers can be significant OTT players

ABI Research sees the potential for carriers, including telcos and satellite TV companies, to become significant players in the over-the-top video market, according to a new report.

"Carrier-packaged over-the-top video delivery is a reality today in most markets," said research director Michael Wolf of ABI Research, in a press release. "The fact is, broadband video is a way for some carriers to fill holes relative to larger closed-network operators such as cable MSOs, and we think over time more satellite, telco and European terrestrial operators will utilize broadband video delivery as a component of their overall offering."

2Wire recently joined a throng of companies offering set-top boxes that can help carriers or other firms leverage OTT video through broadband pipes, and retailer Blockbuster just announced it will use the 2Wire system to support an on-demand movie service. Carriers in Europe and elsewhere have moved quickly to combine OTT and IPTV offerings, and U.S. carriers are just beginning to explore the combination.

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