About 19% of U.S. TV viewers own one of the three top OTT devices

About 19 percent of U.S. TV homes own one or more of the three most popular over-the-top streaming devices: Roku, Apple TV or Google Chromecast, according to a new report published by European research company GfK.

This represents a significant uptick over the 12 percent reported for 2013, when GfK published its last "Digital Media Players" report—and it's a massive increase over 2010, when the segment of U.S. TV homes with OTT devices tallied just 2 percent.

Roku has the highest penetration level, according to GfK, with entry into 6 percent of U.S. living rooms. Chromecast (5 percent) has surpassed Apple TV (4 percent) at No. 2, while Boxee and Amazon Fire TV hover in the 1 percent penetration range.

While adoption of Chromecast has grown quickly, its usage levels appear to be declining, with 32 percent of GfK survey respondents saying they use the device less these days compared to 24 percent saying they use Chromecast more often.

Conversely, 42 percent of respondents said they use Apple TV more often these days versus just 17 percent who say they use it less often.

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