ACA to FCC: Keep cable out of broadcast spectrum reclamation plans

There could be real trouble for small cable operators when-not if-the FCC reclaims spectrum from broadcasters for a wireless-centric national broadband plan, so the Commission has to be careful, the American Cable Association (ACA) says.

"The government should not repurpose broadcast spectrum on the backs of small cable operators," Matt Polka, ACA president-CEO said in a letter to the FCC.

Among the threats broadcasters could pose for small cable operators pointed out in Polka's letter are: increased compensation for cable carriage of multiple channels of programming beyond the primary video feed, higher fees for high-definition format programming, and new or additional carriage rights for low-power TV.

"From ACA's perspective, FCC adoption of new broadband spectrum policies should not result in additional regulatory burdens for small and midsized cable operators," Polka wrote.

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