Accenture goes over-the-top; Optimum Lightpath becoming a telco

>  Accenture is at NAB to introduce Over-The-Top TV (OTT TV). The technology, it says, addresses a growing consumer demand for "anytime" video services by accessing linear content through a broadcast network on a TV set or non-linear services such as Catch-Up TV and VoD through a broadband IP network. News release.

> U.K.-based Strategy & Technology has launched an MHEG (that stands for Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group and is not related to MPEG) solution for VoD and Catch-Up TV for digital TV platforms based on MHEG ITV middleware. Story.

> Broadcasters are firing back at the FCC's proposed spectrum grab by making a their own suggestion of how best to use their wireless spectrum: put a small digital television receiver in cell phones that would work with mobile digital TV. The idea hinges on homeland security because it would be a way to deliver emergency alerts. Story.

> Optimum Lightpath continues to make inroads into the traditional telco commercial space. Cablevision Systems' business services arm has developed an exclusive relationship with GetWellNetwork to supply Interactive Patient Care (IPC) to the Children's Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM). If you don't believe these guys are becoming telcos, just check out the acronyms; very telco. News release.

> To the non-financial type, it might seem that Cablevision Systems' plan to raise $1 billion through a public offering of senior notes due in 2018 and 2020 to pay down upcoming debt maturities is robbing Peter to pay Paul. To the financial types, it's apparently just business. Story.