Ace tabs Amino HD set-tops; IPTV players get a break on FCC fees

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> Ace Communications will use Amino HD set-top boxes to deliver IPTV services to subscribers across 25,000 access lines as it moves to the next phase a deployment supporting whole home DVR services.  Story

> IPTV operators can wait until next year, but cable operators, broadcasters and others have until Sept. 20 to pony up fees to help the FCC pay for its regulatory operations. Story

> Thomson Video Networks upgraded its stat muxing technology to optimize video bandwidth by integrating variable bit-rate data streams within video pools. Story

> French cable operator Numericable has launched IPTV service in partnership with French hybrid IPTV company TeVolution. Story

> Telefonica Czech Republic tabbed Eagle Kingdom Technologies (EKT) to supply an interactive STB solution so its customers can experience HD graphical user interface capabilities and the latest IPTV interactivity features. Press release

> Greek telco Hellas on Line (HOL) now has 31 channels or seven more than at the start of the year. Story

> World Media International wants EURO World Network to develop its 80 Plus IPTV channel solution so Australia and New Zealand subscribers can access services through a proprietary set-top box or through mainstream streaming devices. Story

> Agama Technologies, the video service quality assurance expert, announced German regional telecom EWE TEL GmbH is using Agama technology t for quality assurance of its IPTV service. Press release

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> Carbondale, Ill., has hatched a plan to deliver a 1 Gbps FTTP-based broadband service via the state's Gigabit Communities Challenge and a partnership with Frontier Communications. Article

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> Time Warner Cable's current standoff with CBS over retransmission fees is being closely watched by other TV distributors such as NBC, ABC and Fox and could ultimately set the standard for future negotiations. Article

And finally … Russian national operator Rostelecom prolonged its two-month HDTV services trial for its 1.6 million IPTV subscribers until Nov. 17. Story