Acquisitions: Teliphone adds Titan Communications; Vision247 nabs Fora

Blending IPTV with other services was an important factor in the decision by two international players--U.K.-based Vision247 and Canada's Teliphone--to shell out money to acquire and merge firms with complementary technology and services.

Teliphone is spending an undisclosed amount of money to acquire Titan Communications which, when added to the Teliphone services family, will bulk up a growing triple play offering.

Titan, according to a Teliphone press release, is "Canada's leading provider of white label Voice over IP solutions for carriers and Internet Service Providers," with over 40 partners delivering service to over 8,000 residential customers in Western Canada, and "[t]hese clients will now have access to Teliphone's full suite of telecommunications services, such as its triple play which includes IPTV."

In Europe, Vision247 is shelling out €2 million ($2.69 million) to acquire Slovenian vendor Fora to get its hands on an IPTV platform called Perception.

"Fora has developed a telco IPTV platform called Perception, designed to deliver video-on-demand, network personal video recording (PVR) and time-shift systems, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) servers, set-top box and mobile client applications for key mobile operating systems including iOS and Android," an IPTV News story explained.

Vision247 plans to invest and expand in that technology and merge it into its TV platform.

"Together the Fora Perception platform and Vision247's award-winning XtremeIPTV platform enables us to cover every segment of the broadcast industry, from OTT to telco IPTV packages, then strengthen these offerings for customers with our additional expertise in content acquisition and 24/7 playout management," Matt Vidmar, chairman-CTO of Vision247, said in the IPTV News story.

The company will roll out Perception in India, China, the Middle East and Africa and across the European market, the story added.

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