Advanced cable ad system coming soon

Signs are the secretive cable wide advanced advertising platform is about to get serious with the successful vendors being narrowed to a final list of 10, according to at least one firm that has been included. The canoe project is being run by Cable Labs and is a response to cable (and broadcast and newspapers) losing ad dollars to the Internet where marketers get superior targeting and campaign management data. Cable Labs issued a RFP last fall and has been considering more than 60 vendor submissions.

One of these is Concurrent whose CEO Gary Trimm admitted last week work was being done on some advanced applications for the multi-MSO advertising project know as Canoe. According to CDN he confirmed his companies were in the final 10 for the Canoe project.

Cable operators first coordinated advertising in Los Angeles 20 years ago when five different markets combined to create what was called Adlink, a one stop shop for inventory, purchasing and video distribution. How the modern architecture will be established is not known  but to deliver HD streams to individual homes will require a unicast approach which will challenge today's delivery systems.

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