Advertisers said to love the concept of Google TV; others are more wary

It's probably just the cachet attached to the name Google TV, but advertisers seem to be going gaga over the idea of viewers using interactive TV to search for content and (inadvertently?) stumble upon their advertising. "Google is going to revolutionize the way we use media," Shattuck Groome, president of ad agency Gotham Direct Interactive, told Bloomberg BusinessWeek. "It's the future of advertising."

Passing over for a moment the idea that someone from a company with interactive in its name should be unaware that Google is not the first in the interactive advertising space, it's interesting to note the impact that attaching Google to TV has had. "It's a combination of timing and product definition," Google TV engineer Vincent Cureau told EE Times in a Q&A.

The final question, though, is Google TV a combination of reality and working parts or hype and vaporware? "Internet TV has always sounded like a killer product: Apple TV sounded great, so did TiVo's support for video podcasts and even Web TV from Microsoft way back in the 1990s. And yet the execution has always failed in the marketplace," concluded Mitch Wagner in a ComputerWorld blog.

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