Agama introduces app designed to help operators identify churn risk

Agama is taking the business of video service quality assurance a step further with an application that, it says, helps operators identify subscribers with a tendency to churn so the operators can take action to keep them in the fold.

The straightforwardly named Churn Identification Application is added to the Agama DTV Monitoring solution as part of an effort to bring "enhanced support to TV operators worldwide in their mission to reduce churn rates, thereby securing higher revenues and reduced costs for customer acquisition," Agama said in a news release.

Using the CIA's variety of intelligent analytics, mined as Agama monitors real-time service quality for every subscriber, operators can identify "those customers at risk of leaving the service" and take whatever steps are necessary to keep those subs happy and in the paying fold, Agama said.

"It is seamlessly scalable to operators with millions of subscribers," the quality assurance company said.

"Proactively working to reduce churn rates by automatically identifying customers at risk, and of course the issues behind their problems, is a high-potential opportunity for all TV operators," Johan Gorsjo, director of product management at Agama said in a news release.

The application, he said, results from the close working relationship Agama has enjoyed "with a number of leading operators for several years" that provided "real-world experience in advanced quality and customer satisfaction management and analytics…and proved essential" for the development of the CIA.

Agama said it is planning to showcase its end-to-end video assurance service, as well as how the CIA plays into it, at IBC2012 in Amsterdam starting Sept. 7.

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