Also Noted: AT&T Navigator goes international

AT&T Mobility announced the launch of AT&T Navigator Global Edition, expanding its GPS-based service to provide international navigation capabilities. AT&T Navigator Global Edition now offers location services spanning 20 countries, including most of Western Europe, North America and the Caribbean as well as the six Chinese cities that will host the 2008 Summer Olympics. AT&T Navigator Global Edition promises many of the same features as the domestic AT&T Navigator service: Subscribers may access spoken or text-based turn-by-turn directions in languages including English, German, Italian and Spanish, and are offered automatic re-routing information if they miss a turn. The service also features a local business finder enabling search by category or specific retailer name. According to AT&T, the Navigator business finder database now encompasses more than 19 million businesses and services across the U.S. and abroad, including ATMs, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and airports.

Source: AT&T