ALSO NOTED: Matisse nets $45 million; CBS goes into grocery biz; and much more...

> Matisse Networks, a Mountain View, Calif. optical burst switch maker, has raised $45 million in Series C funding led by Merrill Lynch PCG with $35 million. Returning backers included Monitor Ventures, Walden International, Menlo Ventures and Woodside Fund. Matisse Networks has raised $80 million thus far. Press Release

> CBS, the Eye Network, has acquired a Fairfield, Conn., company that runs video networks in 1,400 grocery stores called "SignStorey." CBS bought SignStorey for $71.5 million in cash. Press Release

> Maven Networks, an Internet TV platform provider in Cambridge, Mass., has been tapped by Sony BMG Music and, online property of The Financial Times, to launch new video offerings, Maven reports. Sony is said to be using Maven to launch a music net--Sony BMG Musicbox--in 19 countries. Press Release