ALSO NOTED: Network neutrality lives; U-verse hedges;and much more...

>The debate over network neutrality is far from over. The issue that stopped the telecom bill in a series of parliamentary maneuvers last year is not about to go away. Nate Anderson at ars technica reviews a dreadfully arcane white paper the gist of which is, a neutral net is a more expensive net. Commentary

>AT&T is not putting all its eggs in one basket, or betting the farm, or counting its chickens before they sign on with Pixar, or any other number of barnyard banalities suggesting that Borg of telcos is putting everything it has into U-verse. Commentary

> It's rare for a cable company or a TV network to turn down ad dollars, but they may be hard pressed to find primo time for pushing telcoTV. That doesn't preclude good old-fashioned footwork, and telcos appear to be getting creative. David Cotriss writes that AT&T is throwing wine and cheese parties to promote U-verse, but he doesn't say where. See David's piece in IPTV marketing campaigns.

And Finally... There was some sort of big event over the weekend that was not Earth Day populated by individuals feverishly propagating content for every energy-consuming device known and unknown to man. Now what was that called? The Beeb has nice little overview on the energy costs of being gadget-cool.