ALSO NOTED: SkyStream outfits China Education TV with IPTV; Juniper unveils dynamic bandwidth router for IPTV; and much more...

> SkyStream outfits China Education TV remote education programs with IPTV platforms to enable village-to-village education programs. Release

> Juniper Networks unveils dynamic bandwidth allocation routers for IPTV systems. Release

> TVN Entertainment chooses WideVine's Mensor technology for securing its IPTV video content. Article

> QoSmetrics upgrades its V-Factor network performance tester for IPTV to now include audio QoS and streaming video. Release

> France Telecom subsidiary GlobeCast launches an IPTV super headend that aggregates hundreds of television signals from around the globe and provides IP encapsulation for distribution to "local" IPTV headends across North America. Release

> Study: Analysys takes a look at the uncertainties that will impact the success of IPTV. Release

And Finally… A bird flew into an exposition center in Amsterdam and knocked over 23,000 dominoes, nearly ruining the world record attempt set for Friday night. Article