ALSO NOTED: Triple-play makes consumers think twice before subscribing to bundled package; AT&T CEO defends merger with Bel

> Triple-play makes consumers think twice before subscribing to a bundled package. Blog

> Minerva and Nortel will jointly develop and release an open application interface (API) to enable the integration of real-time IPTV services using Minerva's iTVManager software and Nortel's IMS infrastructure. Release

> The government asks the BBC to win audiences with high quality, innovative programs. Article

> EchoStar is pursuing a new strategy that envisions investing more than $1.6 billion to dramatically increase its satellite fleet over the next few years, with plans to potentially lease some of the extra capacity to other companies. Article (Wall Street Journal sub. req.)

> mPhase launches an IPTV in a Box starter kit targeted at small operators to launch video services for up to 1,000 customers, or by large operators to set up a single or multiple central office IPTV pilot. Release

> Cambridge, MA-based Brightcove, an open Internet TV service, has acquired Seattle-based MetaStories, a provider of rich media publishing solutions. Release

> Sigma Designs adopts ANT's Galio Browser and IPTV Client software for integration with its media processors to ensure faster time-to-market and cost savings for IPTV operators using a consistent client approach. Release

> Yankee Group says there's not enough math in the TV business, but aQuantive, Atlas on Demand and others are figuring out how to give advertisers better feedback on who's watching. Article

> PacketFront claims that its BECS system lowers Monterrey, Mexico-based Interfibra's OPEX and CAPEX, and helps deliver triple-play services for low income residents for as low as $25 per month. Release

> Intel's Viiv technology helps system integrators tie multimedia components together to make a PC act like a DVR. Blog

And Finally... AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre defends the proposed merger with BellSouth and promises not to block anyone's access to the public Internet or degrade anyone's quality of service. Clip