Altice officially rolls out Cablevision speed upgrades, says it's ahead of schedule on regulatory promises

Cablevision offices

Altice USA officially announced the revamping of the erstwhile Cablevision’s residential and broadband product portfolio, upping the top speeds to 300 Mbps and 350 Mbps, respectively. 

The company tied the increases — outlined in memos released to Northeastern customers last week — to promises made in the regulatory march to closing its $17.7 billion purchase of Cablevision over the spring. 

“Altice USA is excited to launch significantly faster speeds across the Optimum footprint, made possible by investment in our superior network and infrastructure,” said Dexter Goei, chairman and CEO of Altice USA, in a statement. 

“We are particularly pleased to be able to meet our public interest commitments more than one year ahead of schedule,” Goei added. “Across the globe, Altice’s business model is centered on delivering the most advanced technology and capabilities. Today’s accelerated introduction of faster Optimum broadband speeds marks only the beginning of the new products and service enhancements that we plan to bring to our customers in the U.S.”

Under the rebrand, tiers will now be sold under the “Optimum” name (they were formally called “Ultra”).

The residential tiers will start at $44.95 for the “Optimum 60” package (60 Mbps downstream/25 Mbps upstream).

Most notably, two new tiers – Optimum 200 product (200 Mbps/35 Mbps) and Optimum 300 (300 Mbps/35 Mbps) – have been added to the residential product mix

On the business services side, new tiers include Business Optimum 250 (250 Mbps/35 Mbps) and Business Optimum 350 (350 Mbps/35 Mpbs).

Cablevision as a company has been rebranded under the moniker Altice USA.

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- read this Altice USA press release

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