Altice unveils new line of premium services


Altice USA today unveiled a new line of premium services, covering everything from tech support for devices to in-home installation to product protection plans. 

With residential user prices ranging from $10 to $20 a month, Altice customers can spring for the top-end “Premiere Protection & Support Plan,” which provides remote tech support and protection for all connected devices in the home—everything from phones to tablets to home automation and security products to office equipment like printers. 

Meanwhile, the “Premiere Technical Support” plan provides tech support (but no protection) to all connected devices. 

And the “Premiere Home Entertainment Protection and Support” plan offers remote tech support for home entertainment devices, such as TVs and DVD players.

Finally, the “Premiere Installation and Support” service delivers “specialized, on-demand installation, set-up and technical support” for things like home-theaters and computer virus problems.

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“As a service-driven company, Altice USA is focused on providing customers with superior support and value to meet all of their connectivity needs 24/7,” said Hakim Boubazine, co-president and COO of Altice USA, in a statement. “We recognize that the proliferation of new devices and equipment has made the connected home a more complex environment for our customers, and we are pleased to help simplify their lives by being their go-to partner for whole-home service and providing a comprehensive end-to-end support experience.”