Amid hoopla, Comcast exec urges 3D TV caution

Even as Comcast hypes the first linear 3D TV broadcast of next week's Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga., Derek Harrar, the MSO's senior vice president and general manager of video and entertainment is trying to still the roiling waters.

3D TV, he said, is a "natural platform for on-demand" (read that as extra money) events, especially sports. Even Harrar, though, noted that the glasses required to watch 3D TV are enough of an "inconvenience" that people won't want to put them on for an evening's worth of prime time viewing. 3D TV, of course, is the next programming battleground among service providers so Harrar did promise The Hollywood Reporter that Comcast's intent, "just like in HD, is to have much more than the competition."

At the same time that Comcast is fanning the fervor--either to build up the flames or calm them down, depending on the perspective--ESPN is jacking things up another notch. The Sports and Entertainment (aren't those synonyms?) network said it would show footage and share details about its 3D network plans at the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week.

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